This story idea first came about when I was set the challenge of writing a short story with the title ‘The Day My Life Changed’ for my English homework. I tried to imagine various life events that could happen that could change people’s lives. I’m not sure if I came up with the royal ballet audition because of my previous dance background, but that was the first thing that came to my mind.

I wanted to end the story negatively, as I feel that so many stories have a happy ending and it can be really boring. So, I gave my story an unexpected turn. My thought process was that many people would be expecting it to be good news, as that is what tends to happen in most stories these days, or at least from the ones I’ve read. So, I was happy with my decision to give my story a career-crushing ending.

Read my short story here:

I wake up feeling more anxious than ever. The results for my royal ballet audition are supposed to come today. Today! I can't believe it. All these months of hard work, pure dedication and hope have led up to this one day. I rise from my bed and skitter frantically out of my room, before tumbling down the stairs in the excitement of seeing my results. I scan the kitchen eagle-eyed, hoping to spot the brown envelope. After doing a couple dozen rounds around the entire house, I realize they haven't arrived yet. As I go to reach up to the cereal cupboard, there's a knock at the door. This could be it. I feel my hands beginning to shake. Sweat starts emerging through the creases of my palms. I'm terrified.

I answer the door and gasp as I take a brown envelope from the man's hands. I glance at the top corner of the envelope and I see printed on it, Royal Ballet. I find myself fighting for my breath as I pull out the results, ready to see if I've made it. Gradually, I unfold the results. Tears begin to flood my eyes. This can't be happening. All these years of training for nothing. Nothing! I should quit dance. I'm clearly terrible at it. I'm going to start training to be an engineer, just like my dad said. I'll have a much better chance at that than dance. I should give up.

I guess this is the day my life changed.

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