August 16, 2021

By  Annabelle


Basic Cut

  • Going from one shot to another

Cutting On Action

  • Cutting while the subject is still in motion

Cut Away

  • Cutting to an insert of something
  • Could be the object the character looks at before cutting back to them
  • The insert can exist in the same space as the characters
  • Can be used to get inside the head of a character

Cross Cut

  • Intercutting back and forth between locations
  • Used commonly during phone conversations
  • Amplifies the tension and suspense in a sequence

Jump Cut

  • Cutting between the same shot
  • Deliberately used to show the passing of time
  • Often found in montages
  • Faster pace jump cuts are used for a comedic or dramatic effect

Match Cut

  • Cuts from one shot to a similar shot by matching the action or the composition
  • Mainly used as scene transitions because you are jumping from one place to another
  • There are verbal match cuts too

Invisible Cut

  • Gives the impression of a single take but cuts are hidden in blackness
  • Can also be done using whip pans because the motion blur hides the cut
  • Cuts can also be hidden by an object crossing the frame


  • When the audio from one shot carries over to the next shot
  • Can be used even when characters are just talking to each other
  • Creates a seamless flow


  • The audio from the next scene starts before you get to it
  • You hear what’s going on before you see what’s going on
  • Also creates a seamless flow
  • Great transition from one scene to another
  • Reveals something new in the scene

Here's the video I discovered all of this from:

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