This review is a quick look at my favourite kpop music video from 2020! I can garantee you won't regret giving it a watch. Here is the music video I'll be talking about:

This video uses a variety of shots throughout and uses sophisticated camera movements which add contrast through the whole video. It chooses the perfect time to introduce new sets and a new styling and has fun visual effects towards the end which match amazingly with the music. I enjoyed the use of lighting throughout as well. My favourite points of the video were when the shots started close-up and punched out at the beginning of the choreography to create huge impact. I also noticed a good use of static frame to break up the amount of camera movement. The continuous colour theme of yellow and black was kept up well and made the red towards the end seem more interesting than it would have been as it added a new colour that we hadn’t seen yet. The speed ramps during the dance scenes did not go unmissed and I appreciated how much it amplified the dancing and how cool it looked. I love the uniqueness of using weather to portray intensity too. This is my number 1 music video of 2020, 100 out of 10!

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