About The Game

Far Cry Primal is an adventure style game set in 10,000 BC and is one of six games in the Far Cry game series. It allows you to freely roam around a beautiful open world as you come face to face with wild animals. Some may attack you, and some may not.

The idea is that you travel across the world collecting resources and food so that you can upgrade your weapons and protection and etcetera. With better weapons and protection, coming against dangerous animals and enemies will be much easier.

The game includes missions and side/mini missions for you to complete, and also outposts/bonfires for you to claim. Enemy tribes will also appear throughout the open world that you will need to take down.

Features of The Game I Enjoyed

  • I found weapon switching easy to control. It is as simple as holding down the right-hand button on your controller and moving the cursor in the direction of the weapon you want to choose.
  • Once that action is completed the option to craft more (A) or set on fire (X) appears. It is as simple as that. This part of the controls is easy to grasp, and it only takes a few tries until you become completely used to it.
  • This brings me to my next point which is praising the vast number of different things your character could do in one moment. Setting traps, throwing bate to tame animals, throwing a spear, shooting from a bow, and hitting an enemy with a club could all be done in the space of 20 seconds. The choices of things your character could do anyway was impressive. There were so many options. If you did not want to hit someone with a club, then you could throw it at them instead. If you felt too lazy to beat someone with a spear you had the option to set a trap and make the enemy weak by shooting them with your bow, just to help the process.
  • I loved the fact that you could choose what mission you wanted to attempt. This meant that if you were finding one mission hard to complete you could have a go at one of the other missions. I know some games, such as Assassins Creed, only let you progress further in the game by completing the current mission. I find this frustrating as I can sometimes be stuck on the same mission for weeks.
  • I find it so cool that the game allows you to tame the wild animals instead of just being attacked by them all the time. I like the fact that different animals are more skilled in certain areas than other animals. This means you have to really think about what animal to use in different situations. That is a really nice detail.

Overall, this game was very fresh and different in comparison to other games and other games in the Far Cry series. I have heard a criticism that all the far cry games are too similar, and the series was becoming dull. I appreciate the genius idea of setting this game in 10,000 BC as it gives players a whole new experience, and I love that! The game as a whole is well rounded, fresh, and exciting. There is always something going on around you wherever you venture in the game, so this game is in my opinion, the definition of fun!

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