The first day of filming was interesting. We started by doing the second scene and began setting up the lighting. This was set up in a three point lighting style and gloves were used if it got too hot. We then set up the camera with the tripod. We screwed the camera to the tripod and turned it on. This is how the lighting set up looked along with the tripod and camera:

I took this photo to show the exact setup we had while filming. This shows my understanding of how lighting is setup and also acts as a way of showing how we filmed.

I made sure all the settings on the camera were as we wanted them. The aperture was adjusted depending on the brightness and I changed the shutter speed to 100. I chose where the camera should be positioned and pressed focus. We ran into our first issue when the camera lost battery almost straight away. We replaced that battery with the spare one but that one also wasn't charged. This consumed a lot of time as we were constantly running into problems. We generally were happy with how it was going except the fact that it was taking a long time because of the amount of mistakes we were making. There were times when the lights were in the frame or we didn't leave a big enough gap between the start of the video. When looking at the footage afterwards there were multiple things I noticed that were wrong with it. The first thing was the brightness was far too bright. The second thing was that the lights were showing in the frame. We also all agreed that more dialogue was needed because otherwise the duration of the film would be too short.

On Tuesday, we did the scenes we hadn't already done such as the corridor scene. The tricky thing about this was waiting for the corridor to be completely free so we could film. One problem that arose was the brightness on the camera. We made sure that the aperture was on the lowest setting but it was still not bright enough. The issue was that we couldn't set lights up due to us being in a corridor. There wasn't enough room and people would need to walk past. When looking at the footage on the computer I noticed that the lighting was rather dim. This could have been improved by adding lighting to the scene but because of where we were filming we weren't able to do this. Because of this, one thing I would do differently is to think about where we are filming in terms of space and people. I think I would have planned to film this scene somewhere else if I thought about the technical side of it.

On the last day of filming, we went outside to complete the woodland scene. The only thing we used was the camera and microphone but luckily in the end it came out well. We found a good position to film from, and decided to complete the scene all in one shot and to film a few different angles afterwards. We had the camera facing us and moving backwards with us to create a nice looking shot. After that was filmed, surprisingly in one shot, we chose a more close up angle. We changed the camera position so it was facing behind me.

Once everything has been edited, we can look over it and decide what shots we want to change and what points we want to add music or sound effects. After I checked over the edit I noted that the changes we should make are removing the "The End..." because in my opinion it wasn't needed. Instead, we changed it to a plain black frame because it was simpler. Another thing I think needs changing is the brightness in one of the clips. It looks very washed out and doesn't match the other clips.

All these changes were made, sound was added, and the video was finished entirely. I'm really happy with the outcome and would say that it came out better than expected.

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