Animation type: 

Stop motion

The idea behind my animation:

My animation type will be stop motion and throughout the video I will be using different foods and transforming them into life-like things by making them act just like people. I will use sound to portray the food’s emotions and will play out a whole story as if the foods are live things. 

Chosen sub-channel:

Vault Real - Why? Reality TV can be funny, dramatic, happy, sad and messy. The quirky feeling of my animation demonstrates the similar characteristics that reality TV has. I will portray this through including food being silly around each other and annoying each other but also showing caring and happy moments through the food. The food’s characteristics will be shown by using sound and the feeling of the video will be conveyed through my choice of music.

Equipment I will need:

  • Tripod 
  • Camera 
  • Video editor software 
  • Objects used in the animation

Food I’m using:

  • Toast 
  • Peanut butter
  • Banana


Peanut butter creates a trail and climbs over sunbathing toast. Peanut butter goes home and back into the jar. Another toast comes along, and the banana sits on the toast. It then mushes out all over the toast and peanut butter comes to accompany the toast. To end, text spells out ‘Vault Real’ and the blue text comes in and matches up with the text underneath. The background fades away and we are left with ‘Vault Real’ written in blue writing on a purple-navy dark background.

Cut into sections:

First Section: Peanut butter on toast – 3 seconds

Second Section: Peanut butter goes home – 2 seconds

Third Section: Banana on toast – 3 seconds

Fourth Section: Text spells out ‘Vaut Real’ - 3 seconds

Fifth Section: Videos of toast popping up and jar being opened are added – 7 Seconds

Next Step: Assembling into full video – 18 seconds

Last Step: Adding in text, background, sound and music – concludes as a 20 second video

Section 1:

Section 2:

Section 3:

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