Environment Film Project


My first thought was plants when I heard the word ‘environmental’. A concept of continuous shots of a plant growing and dying is an idea I was happy with, however with the time I have this wouldn’t be possible. My mind made some sort of an alternative through turning the plant into a drawing. A drawing would be completed each day at a different stage of growth and dying. I also decided that I would mess around with sound, colour temperature and brightness to indicate each day as a different weather. This would be included in each drawing with a cloud, sun, or rain. Perhaps I could demonstrate extreme weathers by drawing a tornado or wind which then kills the plant on the paper. The reason I’m excited by this idea is because it represents what humans are doing to Earth, and I think that representation is the key thing with the environmental theme. The paper gets stuck on the wall with blue tack each day after the drawing is completely finished. If I take a photo of each drawing, I can create a time-lapse of the plant changing. This would be such a cool ending. I understand this seems complicated, but it all makes sense in my head!


Thinking of the ending first actually really helps to develop the story around it. I believe that a solid ending is to do something fast to contrast the general slow pace of the film so far. My plan is to finish with a time-lapse of the plant drawing changing. This will recap and round off the whole purpose of the film. I want impactful and abrupt ending music here to make the viewer really think about what they just saw.

Sound and Music

In my opinion, piano music really fits this concept. It’s elegant but also leaves you in a focused mindset to concentrate on the film. Piano music can sound both happy and sad and these are the exact emotions I want to convey. Seeing a plant growing is a happy moment and watching it die can be sad. In terms of sound, I plan to use it to demonstrate a variety of weathers. Birds chirping to show it’s sunny, rain to show a rainy day and then wind as well.

To help me create these ideas I used this site 30 Ways to Brainstorm Short Film Ideas You Can Actually Produce (studiobinder.com)

I found it a while back when I was making a different short film and it really helped me. My favourite piece of advice was to think of the ending first. This is important because if you know the ending of your film you can develop the story from that, because you know how it will end.

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