November 11, 2021

By  Annabelle

Inspiration For The Idea

For this idea, I will be following off from my original idea that I did for my first animation project at the beginning of the year. This idea involved using foods to create a story and relationship between the characters I made up. I chose to use foods that had a flexible way of use. As an example, bananas can be peeled, sliced, and mushed which means they have a strong variety of uses. Foods like this are useful to create characters out of. As a second example, I used peanut butter in this animation as well because you can spread it. Essentially, I’m looking for foods you can mush, spread, slice, peel, bake, fry, and snap, since they will be easier to make ideas and put to use in the animation.

I want the foods to link and make sense together so that coming up with a story is a simpler task. With my last animation, I used bananas, peanut butter, and toast because these foods would normally go together. This is why it would make more sense to use things like toast and jam or cheese and crackers or something along those lines.


My first idea is to have something that is a more wet kind of food so I can create a scene where food goes swimming and gets messy. I have a feeling this would be quite comical, but I’ll come up with some other ideas as an alternative for this. To make a scene like this I have decided to use crisps and dip. These are foods you commonly see together so I thought this was a good idea.

As an idea for a second scene, I think that using scones and jam and cream to continue the lunch theme. I thought this made sense because the last animation I completed had a breakfast theme. I could make a scene where the cream spreads itself over the scone to complete the meal.

The next step is deciding the point of the story and choosing what order to do the scenes. I need to decide how to thread the scenes together so that each scene transitions well.


To finish off the animation I want each of the foods to return back to where they came from. This will create a looping look to the animation. I like the idea of the animation ending where it started.

Sound and Music

To keep the humorous presentation for my animation, I’m planning to use childish sounds. One thing I want to improve on is the atmospheric sounds besides the voices of the characters. I would like to implement sounds of the foods scraping against the surface as they move. This makes the whole thing more realistic and less empty, which was lacking in my last animation project.

In terms of music, using something joyful and silly sounding would match the humorous theme of the animation. I will use one song the whole way through since this animation will only be around 20 seconds, as mentioned by the brief.

The Script

Script Breakdown




  • Tripod
  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Editing Software


  • Plate
  • Crisps
  • Dip
  • Scones
  • Jam
  • Cream
  • Bread & Butter
  • Ham
  • Cheese


  • Sound Design Of The Food
  • Sighing/Frustrated Sounds
  • Childish Giggling

Shot List

Film Schedule Day One

Film Schedule Day Two


On Tuesday 23rd I began filming. For the setup, I had a tripod with the camera on top. I didn’t need the microphone as animating doesn’t pick up sound so I decided that I would use the mic separately to record the sounds afterwards. I made the area clean and moved the camera to the angle I wanted and changed the aperture to fit the correct brightness. It was a very dull day so I had a lower aperture. While filming, I wanted to be fast because day light was limited an I wanted to get it done as soon as possible so I could start editing straight after. So my main goal was making sure everything was moved the right amount between each frame and that I was completing it with speed. When animating I started with picking out the object and moving it slightly in the direction that I wanted it to go.  The beginning was much easier because I was only moving one object at a time. But as the animation went on I brought in more objects which meant there was more to think about. That is the challenging thing about animation is remembering all the things you have to move between every shot. This can also make it take a while. So when I first started I was much faster and it was easier to think about what I was moving. All of this added in a sense of difficulty which I hadn’t had with my past animation. Working with food meant had to be careful not to get my hands to dirty because I was working with the camera at the same time. Overall, everything went smoothly and in total scene 1 took an hour to complete.


When starting editing, the first step is putting all the images together and setting them at the correct duration. After the animation is pieced together how I want it, I move onto colours. I like to go over brightness first and then I focus on white balance and colour temperature.

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