Today I thought it would be cool to give making sounds another go. I chose to do leaves as I had all the materials that I needed at home already, so it was the easiest thing to do.

Like last time, I wanted to make a series of different sounds and then combine them to get a really even and full sound. I gathered some shredded paper, a plain sheet of paper and a plastic bag and began to create different sounds. I scrunched up the clump of shredded paper and moved it around in my hand to get a rustling sound. I continued this for 30 seconds to make sure I had enough footage. I lightly scrunched the paper in my hand to make a crunchier sound. I made sure not to scrunch the paper too hard as it created a sharp and blunt sound which in my opinion didn’t sound natural enough. It was the same thing with the plastic bag, so I just lightly scrunched that as well. It gave a similar sound to the paper, but it was more of a higher sound with a slight rustle to it.

While editing I layered up all of the sounds to get my complete one and then found a video of someone walking through leaves to go with the sound.

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