The idea started when I saw someone else green screen their face and I thought it was so cool, so I was really excited to try it out myself. I painted my brother’s face green and set up a camera directly opposite him to create a first-person view of someone looking at a TV. I thought it would be cool if the television had emotions based on what was being shown. To achieve this, I directed my brother to show a different emotion on his face each time I used the remote control. Then while editing I chose videos that matched his facial expressions.

In terms of the finished product I think the white balance could have been warmer and the green screened face could have been neater. At some points I noticed that my fingernails also got unintentionally green screened as I had some paint left on it. It would have been better if we used a black colour to fill in around the eyes to make the green screen sharper and make it look like his eyes and lips were a part of the TV.

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