I made the sound by using the sound of water coming out of a tap. I used it in different ways. At first, I used the microphone to record the tap running only a small amount to get a light trickling sound. Then I grabbed a jug and recorded the sound of it filling up a few times and then I got some sounds of it emptying as well. Next, I experimented by placing a cloth under the tap so the high pitched tapping sound of the water hitting the sink was not there. One major issue was that I was doing all this in the kitchen and so due to the sensitiveness of the microphone, the sounds of the washing machine can be heard in the background. Because of this I decided to go to the bathroom and record some sounds in there instead. I originally chose the kitchen since there are two sinks, one big and one small, so I was able to get more variety of sounds. I recorded one sound of a cup filling up and another sound of emptying it.

While editing I overlaid every sound to create the sound of a stream. I copied and pasted some of the shorter sounds to get the video to 20 seconds.

I think I should’ve chosen a time when the washing machine wasn’t on or chosen to go in the bathroom the entire time, as the noise in the background really ruins it. I also should’ve raised the volume of the microphone as while I was editing, I noticed that sound was very quiet, even after I tried raising the volume.

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