July 20, 2017

By  Annabelle

Nightmare originally came from the idea of doing a video with creepy concept. I felt that doing a story line of someone going missing and being nowhere to be found was an easy way to show a nightmare since we weren't able to create monsters or anything crazy.

I think that in terms of story line development the one minute video wasn't enough. It didn't leave the viewer time to even to realize that what was happening was a nightmare and not real life and the story needed overall development anyway. I feel like there were many unanswered questions like 'Where did she go?', 'Are we still in real life or not?', 'What did they do at the sleepover?'.

I just think everything was rushed and so many details were skipped. The main one being the lead up to the nightmare. How was the viewer supposed to know that we were having a sleepover? So, one of the things I would have done differently is showing more of the sleepover before we go to bed to prevent confusion. An introduction to the characters within the story would have also been helpful.

Overall, I would say that this needed a part two to add continuation to the story.

The quality of the video also needs big improvement. In every shot taken the camera angle is awkward. It was either too low or to close up and the camera pan towards the end of the video wasn't smooth in any way.

The white balance wasn't fixed, so the video was orange and when we turned the light off the lighting was dark, so the video turned even more grainy than it already was, and it also made it hard to see. I think I should have used natural lighting the whole time to stop this from happening and I would have also thought carefully about the angle/position of the camera.

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