This video was fun but challenging to make. The first obstacle was created when I decided to have two camera angles. This was to make the video more interesting and it would also allow the viewer to see the process more close-up and from a different perspective. Me and my brother planned to set up two cameras and begin recording them at the same time. Then my brother Will would clap so that I would know where the videos need to line up. This prevents the video from having repeating parts every time the angle changes, therefore making the video clean and less confusing, so this was an important step.

I wanted the audio to be clean too so I needed a microphone to record the audio. I decided to have a microphone that attaches to the camera, instead of having one that attaches onto the lapel. Later on while editing, it didn't take long for me to realise that this was a big mistake as it picks up all the sound around Will as well as his voice, so I did regret this.

After the filming had started I had already made one big mistake. One of the key things in any video is removing background sound and I completely forgot to do that. I left the radio going and the sound of the oven could also be heard. I should have requested Will to preheat the oven after he had finished cooking so that the sound of the oven wasn't in the background. I made that note for the next time I try filming a cooking video.

Filming went smoothly apart from the microphone losing battery just towards the end, this however didn't have too much of an effect on the video.

Due to the large length of the videos, I needed to use Will's computer to edit the video as it has an editor that can do more detailed things compared to mine. This was a big challenge because I was not familiar with the editor (Davinci Resolve) at all. My brother helped guide me when I was first getting started. He helped me with lining up the clips and deciding at which points to change the angle. When I was left to do the rest I exported the video and put it back into the editor as a new project, so it didn't get too confusing.

The video itself was 30 minutes long so I needed to cut down the video as much as possible. I went through the entire video and cut out parts that weren't needed and made some parts of the video faster.

Once this was done I added music on the parts that I made faster, and also added transitions for a smooth finish.

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