This effect was something I'd seen in a fun and energetic music video. I loved the edgy look of it so I decided to recreate it in my own way. This effect consisted of a multiplied look which kept the main subject of the shot clear and the others with a lower oppacity. I found it in this music video here:

When beginning this, the first thing I did was take the chosen video and copy and paste it twice. I then added a blend mode onto these new shots. After experimenting I found that 'lighten' was the best choice as it was the closest to what I wanted. The original blend mode I selected was 'screen' which didn't look as good.

I noticed that the edge of the clips that were placed over the original looked very harsh so I searched for a way to soften the edges of clips. I determined that there wasn't, however I'll definetly have another go in the future.

This is what the finished effect ended up looking like:

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