August 9, 2021

By  Annabelle

While watching through a video I found this particular effect very eye-catching. This effect was extremely flashy and slightly more intense than the ones I’d seen before. I thought this would be a good medium for me to try and recreate. Challenging due to how extreme it is but easy enough since it was just a flash effect. What I found most difficult was getting the correct balance between it looking too crazy and too slow, otherwise you don’t get the flashy on-off light switch effect. It took me 3 attempts in the end to get the accurate look. I used the invert effect and mixed it with a yellow colour over the top to make a bright yellow flash effect, which matched the original video. The first attempt was too much, and it was honestly just distracting from the video behind the effect. So to improve it I focused on toning it down. By the end of the process I got what I wanted.

Here’s the video of the effect I created including the original video I took inspiration from:

I also made a video showing the editing process so you can see how I did it and all the stages it went through:

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