Here’s a quick video showing you how to make objects in PowerPoint, starting with a Donut. I chose this object because it allows you to use quite a few tools in order to complete it, and I wanted to show you how to use some of those tools in PowerPoint.

Instructions in the video are listed below:

  1. For the base of the donut, make a circle and give it a realistic colour.
  2. Do the same for the icing but make the circle slightly smaller than the base.
  3. For the streak of white icing it's easiest to use the 'Curve' line tool. This will help us get the shape we want. Click to change the direction you are drawing and double click once you’ve finished drawing.
  4. Change the colour of the line and select 'Weight' to change the thickness of the line. Adjust the size and placement if you need to.
  5. For the hole in the donut, make the colour of the circle the same colour as the background. Select 'Effects' and select 'Shadow' and give the circle an inner shadow for realism. Place it in the centre of the donut.
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