July 19, 2021

By  Annabelle

On our second day of holiday, we went on a walk. The views were brilliant as it looked over the sea to other cliffs. We could see Berry Head in the distance and it was fun to try and capture the tiny people on my camera. I found taking photos of landscapes particuarly difficult as I had to change the settings multiple times in order to get photos that I was genuinely happy with. The video below is a slide show of all the images I managed to take on that day:

Tuesday was my favourite day by far. Just looking around at all the beautiful flowers was fun but I enjoyed taking photos of them even more. I wanted to take a variety of different shots, some close-up and some wider shots. I experimented with depth of field and focus to capture some of my favourite photos. I was most happy with some of the close-up shots with a narrow depth of field. I loved the way the background was blurred and the foreground was so sharp. Some of the shots were over exposed but it helped the flowers stand out more, so I didn't mind. This video is quite long due to the amount of pictures taken:

Wednesday was beach day and I will say there was a lot of sitting around doing nothing. But aside from that, I used the opportunity to get a few images. I found different things to focus on in my photos. The pile of dug up sand was my favourite, I really made the most of that. The cruise ships were also useful subjects for photos. The beach we were on had a train passing behind it so I made sure to take a video of that too. This video shows all the images I took that day:

Thursday was such a hot day so we decided to go to a park that had lots of trees and lakes. The shade really helped us not get too hot and it was beautiful. I discovered some ducklings by the lake so I took a couple of photos of them. There were also some trees that stood out to me like the maple tree and willow tree so I made sure to get some images of them too. The video below is a slide show of the photos I took including some pretty cottages towards the end:

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