After learning the basics of the camera, I took it out with me to experiment and see what kind of images I could get. I concentrated on the focus of the subject, depth of field, shutter speed, and appature to determine how much light the camera was letting in. A couple of photos I took, I will admit, were far too dark and I believe it effected the sharpness of the subject.

I played around with many different focus options like the manual setting. I discovered that you can use the wheel at the front of the camera to focus it manually. Using the magnifying option really helped get the images properly clear and focused.

I also attempted to take some videos for the first time, but this didn't go as well due to the brightness of the image. Another issue was trying to decide what to consitently focus on throughout the video and making sure that everything visable was clear.

I put together a video of the images I took on this day which you can watch here:

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