After seeing a video about Edgar Wright and his use of fast cuts, I got inspired to make my own sequence. I knew that it would be too difficult to film if I didn't plan ahead so my first step to achieving my video was to create a plan of all the shots I was going to take. It ended up looking like this: 

Once I was ready I got my tripod, camera and microphone ready to start shooting. Even though I had a plan, this process was long and arduous, so it took longer than expected. I had to move my tripod constantly to change angles and I also had to re-focus after changing the focus onto another object, which was challenging.

When I was done, I went into the editor and grabbed all my shots. The editing process was super quick as all I needed to do was cut all my clips down and make them really short. Cutting them down as short as possible was required to get that fast pace effect. You can watch the finished video here:

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