July 28, 2017

By  Annabelle

While filming this I had a go at doing an angle change for the first time. To do this I filmed the scene once with one angle and then repeated it with a different angle. When editing I cut the clips so that it looked accurate and my movements matched perfectly. Apart from that, the video was filmed in a considerably basic way.

After watching through the video, I think I would change the camera angle when I open the fridge, so my face is shown. Another thing is the subtitles are too plain. Next time I would make them more interesting by adding a transition on them, so they have an entrance and exit instead of just appearing and disappearing on the screen. The last thing I noted was that I only used transitions on the intro and outro so would add them in between scenes so it looks smooth and less choppy. I also noticed a typo too, so I need to be more careful when checking through my video.

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