February 24, 2021

By  Annabelle

Below, I have written out a summary of the process of making my video. Overall, it was really fun to do and a good learning experience.

Something I consistently used was flashes as they are sharp just like the beats in the song and are best used in dance choreography videos like this.

One effect was inspired by the idea of the song ‘psycho’ and since I wanted to portray it through my editing, I came up with the idea of using the colour red at some points in the video. Red represents anger, passion, and blood, so it made sense. I made it dissolve in on a slower section of the song and it helped match the feeling of the video and song.

I got particularly excited when I discovered the lightning effect mainly because of the amount you could do with it. There was so much variety and a lot you could do to change the way the lightning looked. I figured in the end, I could use these to bring out the beat in the song. Having some sort of flash come up to represent the beats would make the song catchier, and it would be visually pleasing.

My favourite effect in the whole video has to be the different colours going across the frame. The reason I love this is because the colours look super cool and the motion that the colours are doing is the same as the dancer’s movements. The blocks of colours travel from one side to the other and so do the dancer’s arms, so it works.

Out of everything I did, the thing I had some trouble with was the cloud effect. I was trying to put lightning in, and the effect started looking weird. It was resetting its motion every time the lighting effect came up. Once I realised what the issue was I made the decision to make the clouds static instead of having them move across the frame. Which in theory, didn’t look as interesting, but it did feel so much better to watch.

I would say that the hardest thing about making a video like this is trying to consistently match everything to the beat. It was difficult as they go by very fast and it can be hard to pinpoint exactly where a certain beat is in the song. So, at times it took a while to line the effects up to match the song perfectly.

This video took a while to get done because there was a lot of time taken just simply experimenting with effects and what different kind of edits I could do or seeing what looked best. However, because I experimented, I discovered more. I feel like I know HitFilm so much better then before I started working on this video.

Watch the edited video here:

This is the original video:

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