December 16, 2020

By  Annabelle

An audio swap is essentially taking a dance choreography and placing it with a different song and making it match up perefctly. It is supposed to give the illusion that the dance was orginally choreographed to that song. I've seen audio swaps everywhere online and so I wanted to do my own. For the first one, I took a song called 'No Air' and put it with a dance that was orginally choreographed to a song called 'Wave'. I made sure that the song lined up well with the dance. I didn't need to do any tweeking at all since I was lucky that he song already went with the dance amazingly anyway. Here's the video:

For my second video, I wanted to include many different audio swaps in one video to begin some sort of series. All of the videos I chose to put in this matched up well, but I had to cut parts out to get the full idea right. So here is part 1:

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