September 13, 2020

By  Annabelle

For this photo, I wanted to go for a very bright and colourful feeling. To do this, I looked for a place in my house with the most variety of colours which was the game shelf. For a cool looking shot I decided on a very straight and direct angle. I thought this suited the shape of the shelf and was the most practical. In editing, to really make the colours pop, I used a high saturation and also made some colours stand out more than others.

For this photo, I took a brightly coloured flower and centered it in frame and decided to take a closeup shot of it to capture it's details. For the editing, I wanted to accentuate the colour of the flower by completely eliminating the background colour. So I separated the flower from the background and set it to black and white.

For this photo, wanted to do something vintage and old looking. So I looked for items in my house that fit that vide. I set them up in a random way and went for an angle that perfectly showed both objects. When editing I applied a few rustic looking filters to create a photo that looked as though it was taken long ago.

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