December 8, 2020

By  Annabelle

Choosing clips from movies or television that demonstrate the use of sound or music - Call The Midwife


6:49 In this clip incidental music is used. The light and sharp sound of the instruments add to the silliness off the scene and makes it more goofy then it would be without music.

30:17 In this clip incidental music is used as well. The dark and threatening sound of the violin/instruments makes for a distressing scene that feels worrying and unsettling.

What is the purpose of dialogue?

The purpose of dialogue is to develop the story and give information about the character. Dialogue adds to the characters emotions depending how the actor speaks the dialogue, so the view understand how they are feeling. If the use a distressed or rushed tone in their voice we know that that the character is stressed or worried, for example.

Watch a clip and analyse the use of sound and music - Captain America: The Winter Soldier

In terms of diegetic sounds, I noticed them most during any action that took place. Explosions, punches, gimmicky sounds of the advanced technology, glass breaking – the list goes on. All of these sounds were done in post.

When it came to the use of dialogue, the line "I just want you to know, this isn't personal." Was really impactful and acts as a surprise for the audience. The actor used a soft tone for the first half of the sentence which is why when the second half comes in and he shouts, it sounds sudden and shocking. I felt intimidated by the delivery of this line. To add to the suspense incidental music was used. As the dramatic music stops, the sound of a ticking clock starts and we can hear that this is the only sound used here in this section of the scene. The fast pace of the tick sound adds tension and the fact that no other sounds were used makes it awkward to. There is instantly more uncomfortableness within the scene as the suspense for the viewer is enhanced.

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