September 22, 2020

By  Annabelle

Semiotics are symbols or images and how they can be interpreted or simply their use. Here I look at examples and pick apart their multiple interpretations and what they mean.

When we see this red ribbon we think of AIDS awareness but it can laso make us think about hair or even Matilda since in the film she wore this signature red ribbon.

This image can make us think of the night sky or potentially dark mode on an app.

When we see the 18 symbol we instantly know that only over 18s are advised to play. Even with the writing removed we would be able to know that this is an Ubisoft game based on the logo. The Xbox 360 gives away that the game can only be played on an Xbox 360 console. The pirate standing dominantly and taking up most of the frame indicates that he will be the main character throughout the game. Plus, the Assins Creed logo shows that this game is from that series.

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