September 8, 2020

By  Annabelle

Rule of thirds is the way shots are framed. The thirds mentioned, are the entire frame cut into nine sections. These demonstrate different ways of placing characters and setting within a shot. Here are some examples of framing using rule of thirds:

Colours can indicate different feelings and can give away lots about characters and setting. For an example, red represents anger, passion, love, blood, death and so on. Purple can represent wealth and jealousy. We can get to know a character based on the colour of their clothes, more generally the colours they surround themselves with, or where they live. Here are examples of each colour being represented in video games:

Using footage from video game Far Cry 5, I picked out a couple of images where colour and tone were being used and explain the feeling it gives.

In this image, the blue tones in the setting make it look cold and therefore unwelcoming.

In this image, a low exposure is used to make the indoors look dark.

Shortly after in this image, a high exposure is used to make the outside world look blindingly bright after being in a dark place.

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