November 24, 2020

By  Annabelle

When practicing for script writing I summarised a scene from a film as an example. Summarising a scene helps set the context for it.

IT Chapter Two – Opening scene summary

It begins with a couple (Don Hagarty and Adrian Mellon) playing a game in a busy funfair at night. Once the game is finished they start walking out of the funfair and they are met with a gang of men. There's some tense confrontation before the couple gets beaten up by the men. Adrian ends up being thrown over the bridge and into the river and Don is left on the ground as the gang runs off. Don runs after him and goes down to the river. He sees Adrian being helped out of the river by Pennywise before seeing Adrian being killed by Pennywise.

Second summary:

A couple are enjoying an evening in a funfair when they become under attack by a group of viscous men. One of the men who was attacked, Adrian Mellon, doesn't survive and his boyfriend, Don Hagarty, who is intensely traumatized by the event, faces a life without Adrian. 

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