December 2, 2020

By  Annabelle

Analysing the mis-en-scene in clips from movies

The Council of Elrond Scene 1 – The Fellowship of the Ring – Analysing:

Colour: The warm tones in the sky and nature shows it is autumn time. These colour tones represent peace and half way through the scene it gets dark and cold suggesting a less friendly occurrence. Something evil is happening. 

Setting: It looks fairly natural as not many buildings are seen. The area is not very built up, this contributes to the fact that this is set a while ago. 

Figure expression: Everyone looks focused which makes for a tense scene.

Clip from Titanic – Analysing:

Colour: Warm – this indicates the time of day is dusk. 

Costume, hair, makeup: Jack is wearing a brown coloured rough looking shirt which shows that he is potentially dirty and working class. His hair is carelessly styled which shows his laid-back persona. The women are wearing expensive dresses showing they are upper class. The colours of their outfits are cream and black which suggests they are boring and uptight as people. What they are wearing also shows the time period which is 1910s.

Creating my own images from mise-en-scene

Here are images I made inspired by the idea of mis-en-scene. I designed three different sets based on my own theme, horror, and another entirely from my choice. Underneath each one I speak about my choices and why I chose to place certain objects in the set.

First Image:

I chose to use all these various art supplies to represent a character who does art as a hobby. I decided to place many objects on the desk in an overflowing and messy manner to show that the character is extremely messy. This makes it look like the character has a habit of starting new art projects before cleaning up the last projects, leaving things to build up over time. The plastic wrap for instance, represents packaging from art supplies that still hasn't been thrown away.

Second Image - Horror:

The door being slightly open creates a feeling that someone may have just left the room and they could be near. I felt the torch made for some cool lighting and also could have been used as a prop in that scene. It shows off the knife and blood that I chose to put there to create some room for story. It begins questions like "Who's been killed?" And "Who was the murderer and where could they be?" So that is why chose to place them there.

Third Image:

This scene's purpose is to show that two friends are having tea and biscuits together. I chose to place biscuits on a plate and two mugs show this.

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