The Sims 4

  • I love the idea of creating your own people who you control. You get to make the decisions for their personal life and gives you chance to create stories and use your imagination. The build aspect is cool as well since you can make your design ideas come to life and build whatever you want to. My favourite thing is creating diverse relationships through all my sims and making families that go on for generations. The idea of creating whoever you want and whatever you want gives the player so much freedom.

Far Cry Primal

  • The main beauty of the game is the scenery. The great detail of going up north and having the atmosphere become much colder, and the opposite when you go south, brings an aspect of interest. This opposes from other games that have a boring and consistent environment. This game looks constantly beautiful and this makes it so much more relaxing to play. This game has an extremely realistic element with hunting to survive which I appreciate. It makes the game hard work but more engaging because of it. I have written a review where I explain what I like about this game here: Game Review – Far Cry Primal - Life Bloom but the points all mentioned above are some of the things I never spoke about in this review.

Far Cry 5

  • Strangely, my favourite part of this games for me is driving around. I love the strong use of combat with guns as well, and amazingly you can combine the two. While driving, I can shoot at people passing by which makes for an exciting gameplay. There is also huge variety of missions to complete so you never get bored. My favourite area of the game is picking up companions to travel with and help you during combat. In Far Cry primal, you only have animals, but in this game, I love the choice between humans and animals. Each companion specialises in something different too so I can choose who I want to work with that would best fit the mission I was completing.


Miranda Hart: Is It Just Me?

  • This book was more of a comedic non-fictional interpretation of life’s stupidest moments. But I just love the way it made life feel so relatable. It made me laugh so much and this was because the things spoken about are all funny things everyone deals with in their everyday life.

TV & Film

Call The Midwife

  • The funny thing about this program is that people always seem to think this is an ultra-cosy family program. However, it touches on so many harsh real-life issues. Money problems, sexism, racism, death, illnesses, pregnancy. The consistent idea of showing birth and death is very heart warming. It also demonstrates romance and relationships very well. The fact that it is set in the sixties also makes for an educational drama as we get to learn about historical life in London. I just love how real it is but also the balance of having wonderful happy moments within it too. There is the right amount of happy and tragic which makes the program very enjoyable since there isn’t too much off anything. It is just right.

Doctor Who

  • Doctor Who is so gimmicky and complex. It can be hard to keep up with, but even so, I enjoy watching the stories develop and it’s always exciting. If I lose track of what’s going on the visuals are the things that entertain me, not just the story. This program is scattered with a mixture of dramatic moments, happy moments, scary moments, and comedic moments. It has a bit of everything, so this program is something for everyone. Not to mention all the monsters that feature in it. To me, they are the best bit.
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