I started by coming up with an idea for what the stop motion was going to be about. I wanted it to be something cute and almost child-like. For some reason, a slug was the first thing that popped up in my mind. Because of this I chose to set my stop motion video in a garden. My plan for the video was that the viewer would watch the slug travel from one side of the garden to the other. With my idea set, it was time to get to work.

I made the garden in PowerPoint, and some characters/objects that were going to appear in the video.

Once I had everything set up and ready, I opened up Jing (App I use to screenshot on my computer) and got ready to start taking my series of screenshots. For the first few seconds of the video I wanted to show the slug emerging out from under a bush. I positioned my little character under the shape, so only his eyes were just about visible. I then put the PowerPoint onto Slideshow and took a screenshot.

I repeated this however the second time, I moved the character out a bit more so more of it was visible. Then like the first time, I put the PowerPoint onto Slideshow and took a screenshot. As you can imagine, this process continued the same way until the slug had made it half-way across the garden.

This was when I decided to add in a bird. Much like the slug, the bird made its way across the garden as I continued to take screenshots.

Once I had completed every single one of the screenshots, it was time to put them into the editor, and start piecing them together. I began with the first image I took and made sure that the length of it was very short (Around 0.05 seconds) so the video wouldn’t look choppy/jerky. I then started adding the other images, making them the exact same length as each other. I checked over the video constantly, to see if there were any mistakes such as the order of the images and so on.

I finished it off by adding upbeat background music to match the theme of the video and adding in two ‘fade to black’ transitions to give a smooth beginning and end.

This image shows how the video looked in the editing software after I completed it.

Watch the video here:

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