I first got the idea while lying in bed this morning. I thought it would be amusing to see food continuously enter someone's mouth while they held an exaggerated expression. I was starting to imagine it and that's when I decided to go forward with my idea. When I was picking what food I would use I realised that making my video christmas themed would suit the time of year better so I went for classic mince pies.

I removed the background from my chosen image so that it would look clean flying through the frame. From then on, what I did was just like normal. I moved my mince pie a millimetre per frame and once the mince pie arrived at the man's mouth, I made made sure to crop it. This gives an illusion that the mince pie is going into his mouth rather than across his face. To match the fun feeling of my animation, I added an 8 bit version of an upbeat christmas song.

Check out the short christmas video here:

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