May 17, 2021

By  Annabelle

This first video I made was interesting. I made the letters using coloured plasticine and formed them into the word 'Edits', so that I could use it as an intro for my videos. In my opinion, filming went exactly as I planned so I was happy with that. However, when it came to the overall look of the video, it didn't look as good as I'd hoped. I actually ended up editing this animation at College which was a good experience since I got to try out an editor software I wasn't used to. Premiere Pro is definetly more complex than HitFilm, which is the app I use to edit videos. I would say that it has more aspects to it which is great of course, but it does mean that the layout of the software is very intricate. Because of this, even the most basic essentials to editing (brightness and contrast, for example) can be hard to find. I only wanted to do something very simple with my video so it wasn't too difficult. I edited the white balance since there was a slight warm tone in each frame. I aslo wanted to make sure the white balance in every frame was consitent so it looked cleaner. When exporting the video, I ran into some problems. It was confusing to a point where I had no idea what settings to put my video on to export it. After some questioning I asumed I had the correct settings, or at least close enough. For some reason the animation came out looking odd. The shape of the video was abnormal an the quality was awful. This is the video you can see just below:

Due to the poor quality of the first video I wanted to re-do it. So I did the whole thing over on HitFilm at home. This turned out how it should have done so I was glad that I gave it another go. Watch the new version here:

This video was a similar concept except I used the word 'Animations' which would be used for my animation type videos. The only difference when making this animation was the fact there were more letters. This meant that filming would take longer and more patience was needed.

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