Things I Like And Aspire To Learn

Things I Like

Creating videos has been something I've enjoyed doing since I began uploading videos on my YouTube channel, My Life As Annie, in 2017. I love going through the editing process and I always get so excited about the finished product, especially if it goes exactly how I envisioned it.

Another thing I have fun doing is creating games. I use PowerPoint to create simple games. It started in 2013, when I began creating a remake of the game Moshi Monsters. Sadly, the PowerPoint presentation is no longer available, but I remember feeling very chuffed with the outcome. In November 2019, I began the creation of a Christmas inspired game. This continues to be an ongoing project, as it is not yet complete. The game allows you to travel around a Christmas themed world that contains different venues, with activities and tasks to complete. Hopefully, I will be able to find some game-making software, so that I can create some proper games and my true ideas can come to life!

I also like cooking a lot. In my opinion, the process of making food is fun yet challenging, and you always get a finished product to be proud of afterwards. Since 2018, I have gotten into the habit of taking photos of the food I make and posting them on my Instagram page for my friends to enjoy.

Things I Aspire To Learn

I would say that I have a weakness of putting myself down as I am constantly hard on myself when my ideas don't turn out as well as I'd hoped. I definitely struggle to come to terms with the phrase 'We learn from our mistakes' and that is definitely something I would like to overcome in future projects.