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Happy Birthday Laura 2018


Laura Birthday

Why do I enjoy drama?

I enjoy drama because It's fun to play different characters and be someone different. It gives me a chance to be over the top and express myself without people thinking I'm a weirdo! But also the fact that I love performing on stage and showing people my talent.

Dance Moms Girls Dance – The Waiting Room



Whats my favourite dance style?

I've always said to myself that my favourite dance style is hip hop. Simply because it doesn't involve that much technique and I have the chance to be more free. But since joining the contemporary class at my dance school, I feel as though I have improved and I'm starting to enjoy it more. I've learnt how to do dance moves that I thought I couldn't do and it makes me feel right out of my comfort zone which like. So if you only dance one style you should always give another one a go. You might like it!